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The Philosophy

About the vision and philosophy of Dreamspace:

We are trying to build a space for dreaming beautiful dreams, and helping them to come true. A space intentionally, lovingly, sacredly built for imaginers and idealists, seekers of truth and knowledge, visionaries and creators. A temple to Beauty, Truth, Love and Freedom, with dances, celebrations, workshops and special events in that spirit. A celebration of the reunion of the Feminine and the Masculine: of dreaming and action, Earth and Heaven, Yin and Yang, female and male, anima and animus, intuition and logic, feeling and knowing. A space to foster a true, deep and full Renaissance; a marriage of Heaven and Earth. A small sample of Heaven-on-Earth. That, in short, is the vision we call Dreamspace.

The concrete expression of that vision was to build a five-domed Café, inside a walled Garden, with a Moon Gate, an Ivory Tower, a Round Table and a Labyrinth, with a Fountain and Cloisters and Carvings and sacred symbolism and stained glass windows and lots of rambling Roses. And the whole would have to be, of course, a model of the Universe in its evolved levels and the phenomenon of Process within that Universe.

So we began to build that very thing, with our eldest daughter Anna’s help, on our ‘Field of Dreams’, a kikuyu-filled corner on State Highway One in the middle of Kaiwaka. So far we have (mostly) built the moongate and the courtyard with the five domes representing the Five Aspects of process, and the fountain in the middle, and a part of the cloister wall with toilet and storeroom for the café, and we have put up a round tent where the labyrinth will be.

On the theoretical framework of the vision, here is a summary of the layout of Dreamspace:

A: The Levels of life:

The ‘actual’ levels, ‘Static patterns of Value’ as Robert Pirsig calls them: the Inorganic, the Biological, the Social, the Intellectual: to be represented by the areas marked on the plan. These value-patterns all evolve into the non-actual but real, indefinable Wild Blue Yonder, the ‘Dynamic’ (Pirsig’s term) or the ‘Continuum of Possibility’ (C.S.Peirce). Or, ultimately, the Spiritual, the Archetypal, the Mystical. Or, God, the Absolute, the One, the Is. This ‘Beyond’, in which we ‘live and move and have our being’, is honoured everywhere in Dreamspace but, by its very nature, not picturable anywhere except as a boundary or limit of all the actual forms.

B: The Aspects of Life:

In my understanding, these number five, represented by the five domes in the cafe courtyard:

LEFT SIDE (rightbrain, Yin, ‘feminine’):

Blue dome: Input, impressions, dreams. Green dome: Novelty, hypothesis.

MIDDLE (integrated whole; established, combined left-and-right character-so-far):

Purple dome: Status quo, which feeds and protects us while we evolve even better things and adapt to changing environments.

RIGHT SIDE (left brain, Yang, ‘Masculine’):

Orange dome: reasoning, reaction, planning. Red dome: Output, action, implementation.

These form a dynamic evolutionary cycle in all healthy living entities – individuals; groups, businesses; markets; societies, etc., at all the Levels especially from the biological up. I believe if we become conscious of these dynamics and honour them all in balance, we will be able to form loving and therefore wonderfully effective, exciting groups, businesses, and societies. I think the two greatest obstacles to love and therefore to Eutopias of every kind, are:

One: the failure to distinguish and honour the huge and vital role of our less favoured life-aspects, especially our aspectual ‘opposites.’ For example: Females if we’re male, and vice versa Poets if we’re financial planners, and vice versa Critics if we’re writers, and vice versa Managers if we’re visionary inventors, and vice versa Policemen if we’re revolutionary activists, and vice versa.

Two: The failure to accept and accommodate the hierarchy of life – biological, social, intellectual, and spiritual. So, if we base our lives on only one or two levels, resisting or denying the reality of the others, we will do violence to these other levels, and produce repressive groups and societies, which will sooner or later degenerate into unhappiness and violent reaction. Examples:

Biological/social levels only: Tribalism, fascism. Biological/social Intellectual only: communism, modernism, post-modernism. Social/spiritual only: all dogmatic/fundamentalist religions. Biological/spiritual only: hippy cults.
With those four levels and five aspects often so mixed up in humans, no wonder we’ve had so much confusion and conflict!

Imagine if we clearly saw how all the aspects and levels of life form an organic, indivisible, evolving mystical whole. Imagine if we adjusted our relationships to harmonise with that deep understanding. We would find the balance and natural energy on all the levels of life that animals already have on the biological. We would no longer be ‘Man, the sick animal.’ We would have found what Nietzsche called ‘the Great Health.’ We would, in short, be very happy. At last we could actually be as happy as our pets, happier even, because we have those other wonderful levels to enjoy of which they know nothing.