A good place. A Eutopia. Here at Café Eutopia, all our endeavours are eutopian, which is why we serve delicious food, refreshing organic fruit juices and the best coffee north of anywhere. We are open 9am till 3pm Sunday to Thursday and till 4pm Friday and Saturday. 

We named the café, which opened three years ago, ‘Eutopia’, from the Greek for ‘Good place’, attainable anywhere, as opposed to ‘Utopia’, meaning ‘Not a place’, i.e., an unattainable ideal. We believe in Eutopia NOW, evolving, with many experiments, open-ended, not a sudden, perfect Utopia ‘after the Revolution.’ Eutopias, like people – like everything – have to prove themselves. 

We plan a major kitchen extension and then we will be able to open at night and offer the experience of Restaurant Eutopia, all lit up with the Kaiwaka-trademark fairy lights.

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